-Reverse perspective-

How I disconnected from the western matrix

or otherwise

The Great Patriotic Special Operation

Hello friends, lately I and those who love my country, got bombarded with a lot of questions such as: "Why do we support our president and the special operation?"

Therefore, every time, entering into a polemic, which, as practice shows, proves to be fruitless due to the fact that the interlocutor does not hear you, - I decided to draw up such a memo, which will be the answer to «all at once».
My journey to a "better life" began at the moment when the head of State V.V. Putin in 2007 delivered his famous Munich speech, which, of course, I did not listen to, because at that time I was flying in an airplane, emigrating to the United States, to that dream world, the processing of which began with time to watch Hollywood movies in VHS format.
Even at the age of 16, I picked up the marketing reality virus, which was then competently broadcast to the masses. It was a simple idea, which was that in a person's life, the main thing is the stomach and everything below.

The world of Coca-Cola and brands completely fascinated me. By the way, it is for this reason that in small towns like Konakovo there were so many fake clothes of Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc. We knew perfectly well that we owned fake copies of real brands, but we could not resist the attitudes of the consumer matrix.

We got into a fat-free culture of a minimal set of signs and through them America easily controlled our desires and actions.

Is your motorcycle already 3 years old? Buy a new one! Change clothes with each new collection. After all, you're on style. No education – buy it. If you don't have enough money, take a loan. The main thing is to pay! And so that you don't think – here are social networks for you. They unite you with the whole world, in which you are not a Russian, but a faceless inhabitant of the planet. Well, yes, you have a funny matryoshka, bears and a balalaika. Everything else "ours" is American.

This artificially created environment led to a drop in the general level of my culture and a desire to quickly get out of the country into the world of the American dream.

When I came to California, it really seemed to me that this was a better world. I thought I was in a movie. On weekdays he worked at a TV channel, and on weekends he worked as an art director at a cultural center. Everything was fine, but two years later I began to turn into an American. It began to strain me. It was at this moment that I had my first questions about the American mentality, even though I was only 20 years old.

I began to notice that something was wrong with the Americans. I felt that I had fallen into the realm of moral and aesthetic anarchy. The line between truth and falsehood, the just and the unjust, the beautiful and the ugly was deliberately erased.

In the American ID card issued to me, I saw a character from a computer game with empty eyes and a hypocritical smile.

Then I started asking questions to Americans I know... where do they live? Maybe they have some secret purpose that they don't tell visitors about? Is it really the main point to just earn a lot of money, have a delicious meal, relax in different forms, and then just die?...

No one gave me an answer. They thought I was loading them and repeated the same thing: "Why don't you get high, you have everything, a stable salary, a two-room apartment with a fireplace, a swimming pool in the courtyard and tempting direct prospects?".

After some time, a friend advised me to go to a Protestant church and torment them with my moronic questions. I thought it was an interesting idea, although I was skeptical about religion at the time.

Going into the hall where they were going, I immediately got to some kind of rock concert, at which a priest sang prayers to rock music in the center of the temple. I could barely contain my laughter and then it seemed to me that show business had captured their pastor. I didn't stay there long.

Two months later I found out that there is an Orthodox church in California and decided to visit there. As soon as I got inside, a special atmosphere immediately covered me. Modesty and greatness in everything... The Russian spirit breathed. The singing of the choir, the monk's kind and deep eyes inspired peace, although outwardly he looked like an MMA fighter.

And then I started asking: "Why do Americans put money above a person? What is the trick of this approach, what is the joke of their foam smile, and where are they all running to?"

The monk answered in a very unusual way. He said that Americans are surfers whose task is to coolly and beautifully ride through our reality, make a feint and go further. And Russians are divers. It is more important for them to dive into the depths in order to contemplate the beauty and meanings of the underwater world. An American will feel ill from lack of air if a Russian calls him to the depths. Therefore, it is difficult for them to understand us. Although he said that there are Americans who were able to dive deep and see the beauty of Russian civilization. And one of them is the world–famous scientist Seraphim Rose. A Native American converted to Orthodoxy after meeting with the books of Russian saints. At the end, I asked if Americans have something that unites them all. He replied that it was a dollar, and if you remove it, everything will collapse. And in order for there to be no panic during the destruction, a hypocritical smile appears a kind of alternative reality in which everything is "super".

During the conversation, time flew by unnoticed, I thought that 5 minutes had passed, and in the end 5 hours flew by and evening came. The priest gave me several books by great thinkers of Russian civilization. Dostoevsky – "The Brothers Karamazov", The Collected works of Alexei Khomyakov and the book of that Californian monk Seraphim Rose - "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future"

After diving into this deep literature for several months, Russia has opened up for me from the other side.

I finally understood it and decided to become a part of the Russian world.

"Our national mysticism of the XIX century, the mysticism of Dostoevsky, V. Solovyov, etc., is valuable because it so acutely poses the problem of the religious meaning of history, the problem of East and West, the problem of national Messianism, i.e., in its limit, the apocalyptic problem" – Berdyaev N. A., Philosophy of Freedom, 1911.

But America didn't want to let me go, and just a couple of days later I received a tempting offer from the head of the cultural center where I worked as an art director. After successful management, I was offered to oversee a network of cultural centers across America. I had to travel around the states and convert former banquet halls into nightclubs.

Tempting offer for a 20-year-old guy, isn't it?

But by this point I no longer wanted to live in the USA. Therefore, I had a frank conversation with my boss about what was going on in my head. I hoped he would understand me, because he was also a Russian emigrant.

I told him about the monk, and about surfers, and about Russian civilization.

In response, I heard quite interesting reflections:

"16 years ago, my wife and I faced the same choice as you. And in order to stay and adapt to the American mentality, we had to break this Russian core in ourselves. And now, when the weather is bad on the planet, the soul is aching for Russia. It's like we're suspended in the air, because we don't fully understand Americans anyway, and we've almost completely lost touch with the Russian in ourselves.

A hole has formed inside and dollars cannot fill it.
The only thing we live for is the children who were born here.
And it's good that they don't know how the Russian soul hurts."

"This is a turnaround," I thought, and a week later I bought a ticket home.

Upon my return, I graduated from the institute, got a job at a popular music TV channel and entered VGIK as a director.

And finally the day came when I decided to watch the Munich speech of our president. It was a tough manifesto in which Vladimir Putin clearly outlined the boundaries of the Russian world in front of modern pirates of the West. NATO expansion and the unipolar world, problems
in the field of disarmament, the degradation of the OSCE institution, the energy security of Europe, the degradation of the moral foundation - these and other issues raised by Putin in Munich in 2007 turned out to be prophetic.

In fact, this speech was an epochal offer of cooperation to the Western world, but unfortunately, the offer was coldly rejected, practically with a spit in the face, because the United States had other plans for us.

You would say “How is America that much better than us? Who needs us?”

An American political scientist answered this question in 2014
George Friedman:

"America's main foreign policy interests throughout the last century have been focused on relations between Russia and Germany, because, united, they are the only force that poses a vital threat to the United States, so the main task of NATO is to prevent their alliance"

No longer shy in 2017, the United States officially called Russia an enemy by adopting the famous CAATSA law.

In general, NATO is a Trojan horse of the United States in Europe, weakening it from within and making it dependent on America.

To prove this idea, read the statement of a high-ranking employee of the National Security Agency, Paul Christie, made by him in 2014:

"Whether a united Ukraine will remain on the world map or disintegrate – it has absolutely no meaning for solving the main problem. The main task of the events in Ukraine is to separate Europe from Russia so that the Europeans completely abandon cooperation with Russia and refocus their economy on full cooperation with the United States. The main goal is to tie the European economy more tightly to the US economy, and no one is interested in what will happen in Ukraine. Ukraine is only a means by which it is possible to solve all problems. Ukraine is assigned the role of a blockage that will interrupt European cooperation with Russia.

The media must constantly talk about the growing tension in Ukraine, about the violence and brutality committed by the Russians, so that Europe matures to a rupture. Russian Russians should shudder at the possible Russian invasion – all the activities of our media should now be devoted to creating the image of an unceremonious Russian, ready for any adventure, starting from the provocative flyby of an American destroyer and ending with the advance of an armada of Russian tanks to the borders of the Baltic States and Ukraine. The mindset of the European population and, ultimately, the success of the Ukrainian campaign for the United States now depend on the activities of the media."

After seeing all this, I realized what kind of dragon our president went into battle with, because this is not Russia's war with Ukraine, this is a global and may be the last attempt of Western civilization to attack the Russian world.

"Of course, this crisis is also our fault. The truth is we; ourselves stopped believing and then tried to become someone else. And Ukraine has tried and is still trying to do the same.

And we all have to pay a very high price for these mistakes.

Russia, blinded by the brilliance of shop windows, aspired to become Europe, not understanding: why can't she do it?

European values are known: This is respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. They're not bad. The problem is that our values are much higher than these. After all, Russia is Suvorov's "die yourself, and help out your friend", and the popular "don't dig another hole", and the Christian "don't wish for your neighbor what you wouldn't wish for yourself", and the Caucasian "respect your elders". Where in European values is "mercy above justice"? Russian, but all this is exactly what makes a Russian person Russian. Loyalty to duty, love for the Motherland, memory of their heroes, striving for justice and "love for the enemy"

We aspired to Europe, but we are more than Europe. You can't put more into less. It has proved impossible to narrow our values down to a market economy and the rule of law. And competitiveness, no matter how good it may be in itself, cannot be a national idea.

And what is our national idea? - You ask.

Being Russian is our national idea. Russian is more than a nation. It's more than genetics. These are the very values that our people have kept for thousands of years and that have been tested for centuries.

Russian is Dagestani Mahomed Nurbagandov and Pole Konstantin Rokossovsky, Ukrainian Ivan Kozhedub and Tatar Fatykh Sharipov. In order to be Russian, you do not need to renounce your nationality or religion. You just need to be a bearer of the ideas of justice, mercy, mutual assistance, love for the Motherland and Russian culture. Democracy and the rule of law are, in principle, not values for the Russian person. These are only forms of society's existence. I am not ready to give my life for either. But I am ready for this sacrifice if it is about my country and my people. Because being Russian is more than life."

War is terrible, but America began preparing this war back in 1991, and all these years it systematically immersed us in its reality, at the same time Vladimir Putin understood everything and carefully nurtured the best army in the world in the backyard in order to cut off these tentacles of the American matrix at some point.

The world does not understand that if the resistance of our President stops, then everyone will become African slaves on American money plantations.

While the planet has Russia, humanity still enjoys rights.

Such a picture of well-being in Russia as it is now, it was impossible to observe in the 90s.

Even if the person worked hardly, it still was very difficult to feed a whole family. That was the life.

Cities were sitting without heating, gas and water. There were no salaries, first-aid kits, you could hear open shooting in cities. There were no pensions, no jobs, and no confidence in the future.

There was a message from the US President Bill Clinton dated February 7, 1997.

"... We spent many billions of dollars on bringing Yeltsin to power, but they more than paid off, we knocked out a competitor - Russia and for negligible prices pumped out of Russia 20 thousand tons of copper, 15 thousand tons of aluminum, 2 thousand tons of cesium, beryllium, strontium and much more.
The US profit on bringing Yeltsin to power amounted to more than 5700%. This has never happened in history! ".

Few people know what a PSA is.

PSA is a production sharing agreement under which America has been robbing Russia since the 90s and in return Yeltsin was given loans. Russia has been fighting for its abolition for almost 4 years with the help of numerous successive amendments. So, the cancellation of the PSA caused incredible hatred in America for Putin, since he took away from them the unhindered plunder of Russia.

· For 17 years, Russia has managed to increase the budget by 22 times, the military budget by 30 and the GDP by 12.

· Russia jumped from 36th place in the world in terms of GDP to 6th place.

· Russia has increased its gold and foreign exchange reserves by 48 times.

· Russia has returned 256 mineral deposits to its jurisdiction (it remains to return 3!).

· Russia has nationalized 65% of the oil industry and 95% of the gas and many other industries.

· The President canceled the Khasavyurt agreement - which defended the integrity of Russia, made public the NGO of the 5th column and forbade deputies to have accounts abroad, defended Syria, stopped the war in Chechnya.

· Russia has been ranked 2-3 in the world in grain exports for 5 years in a row, overtaking the United States, which is now in 4th place.

· Average salaries in the public sector have increased 18.5 times in 12 years.

Now that everything has changed and most people have begun to live a little bit better, and life has just settled and blossomed - this has become quite the usual. State support is provided to young families. Only today active youth can win grants and improve embankments like my friends in Konakovo.

For some reason, we began to forget how much work and labor Vladimir Putin invested in our country and calmly succumb to any Western propaganda from Dudya or Pivovarov.

Also, many forget that everywhere we were promised being turned into robots, the disappearance of production and creativity in people, the complete enslavement and transhumanism, i.e. the illusion of man-made immortality with the help of some kind of meta-shamanism.


Immediately after Defender of the Fatherland Day, Putin unilaterally announced the end of postmodernism and the beginning of a new living history.

In the language of the Bible, the construction of the new Tower of Babel has been suspended and seriously hampered.

In Fukuyama's language, the "last man" is postponed.

Russia has engaged in a metaphysical struggle for the life of the whole world and for its place in history, of course. And the "victorious" globalism was made to feel that its confidence in victory was premature.

"The belief that the natural being of man can be the creator and bearer of the Upper Light leads paradoxically to a direct cult of darkness as an element capable of generating light from itself."

"Faith in the greatness and high destiny of man, the cult of man as a shrine ends with the blasphemous rejection of all that is holy in human life, the cynical glorification of the bestial, pagan principle - the loss of the human image itself." S.L. Frank.

The world has a reverse perspective, that is, a future leading not to the dead, but to the living. Yesterday this future really did not exist. A mixture of a madhouse and a concentration camp loomed on the horizon and was approaching daily.

So, Russia returns the possibility of a human future to the silent (with the exception of the shrieking collective West) and slightly stunned world. This is the essence of what is happening.

Yes, not everything has been done yet and a lot more needs to be done, but this is not a reason to betray the person who pulled the country out of collapse! Moreover, now huge forces and means have been thrown into opposition to him.

I, Vasily Kharkovoy, who lives according to the laws of Russian ethics, having felt Western culture with all my gut, I will never accept what the West wants to impose on us, starting with the coverage of same-sex marriages in the church, to the legalization of fascism. I understand what responsibility the president took upon himself by launching a special operation.

Putin broke off the movement of globalization to the man-made end of the world.

And if it were not for February 24, 2022, the life of most Earthlings could soon become something like this: indefinite house arrest, total digital control, basic food and a bed. Ending the list with digital feudalism.

In order to make a small contribution to the revival of the Russian world, I created the Reverse Perspective movement.

For a thousand years, Russia has worked out unique psychological mechanics for pumping the strength of the spirit. These tools have nurtured more than one generation of great personalities. It was these practices that formed the basis of the "Reverse Perspective" movement. http://reverse-perspective.com/

At the end of my essay, I want to share a quote from a Californian monk, Seraphim Rose:

"It would be worse if everyone loved you: it means you please people too much. Christ was also hated, he was crucified. So why should we expect universal love if we follow in the footsteps of Christ? Make sure that your conscience is clear, and do not be afraid of human hatred, but of hatred in your own soul"

Thanks for the translation Ivan Andreev.

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