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Reverse Perspective
Main Question
The word «Russia» is now one of the most popular queries in the world’s search engines. The whole planet is watching the clash of two civilizations. People know that truth is born from the ashes of adversity, and big ideas are forged in the crucible of crisis. Therefore, humanity is waiting for a new cultural statement from Russia.

Can Russia break new ground?

Linear Perspective
We are taught a certain way of perceiving the world, following patterns that we consider immutable laws. However, it is necessary to have a point of view different from the generally accepted one if we want to introduce something new.

Today linear perspective is the most common way of reality perception. The world is depicted according to the principles of linear perspective in contemporary art, philosophy and literature.

In this model, objects become smaller as they move away from the observer, and perspective lines meet at infinity.

The law of linear perspective states that in the «reality/person» system the main observer is a person. This is an anthropocentric model, which many consider to be the only true one.
History of linear perspective
For thousands of years, the dominant concept of reality perception in Europe was Theocentrism.

This is a philosophical concept based on the understanding of God as the Supreme Being, the Source of all life and all goodness.

However, in the XIV century, because of the ideological revolution called the Renaissance, the idea of anthropocentrism was born. This concept was a return to the ancient pagan understanding of the world.

In this model, earthly man is the measure of all things.

Europeans deified themselves and opposed themselves to the Creator. As a result, Christianity had to adapt to society. The next stage of the fall in linear perspective was the appearance of the concept of humanism and its twin liberalism.
"Freedom" from the cross
Liberalism is a concept in which you and your desires are the center of the universe. This formula is unexpectedly similar to the only commandment of satanism: «Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law».

Liberalism combined elements of paganism, satanism and humanism, putting «freedom» from spiritual laws at the forefront.

This philosophical mixture gave rise to Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalytic school of thought. Psychoanalysis sessions became a form of confession, turning upside down the usual ideas about spiritual

Europeans began to believe that the unconscious plays a major role in personality formation and justified violent crimes by sexual traumas of childhood rather than spiritual personality problems. This was the beginning of the «scientific» justification for the cult of chaos and satanism, and also formed a culture based on fear and sex.

The deification of man brought Europe to fascism, which demonstrated all the horror of anthropocentrism and cast its central figure into postmodern hell.

Liberalism is a process of destruction of all traditional collective identities, leading ultimately to the rejection of human nature itself.
Man is temporary
Disappointed in man, the XX century did not find the strength of humility to put the Creator first, pride pushed it to the idea of Transhumanism.

«You have made your way from worm to human, and much in you is still worm. Once you were apes, and even now a human is still more ape than any ape…Behold, I teach you the overman! ».

Friedrich Nietzsche

Transhumanism is called the concept of the XXI century. Right now, the largest IT corporations are working on creating super-powerful AI in the hope that it will give people superpowers.

Despite the general idea, there was a split among transhumanists. Team members of Google Director Larry Page see humanity as only fertile ground for the emergence of a super-being who will inherit the Earth after us. The developers believe that the super-powerful AI will lead to the end of human history. At the same time, Larry Page's team still hopes that this god will have mercy and make them court tech-priests, granting eternal life in digital format.
The second group of transhumanists, led by Elon Musk, expresses the belief that the preservation of the human species should be considered as a priority goal, in the context of which the use of artificial intelligence is a tool similar to nuclear energy. The developers are calling for the creation of a society where AI will become a means for creating an atmosphere of idleness and hedonism.
In total, Transhumanism proposes to create a digital god and eternal life in ones and zeros, while liberalism proposes to destroy all traditional collective identities and abandon human nature itself.

This is definitely not a linear perspective, but
a crooked perspective of humanity.

Is this the only way?
We understand that this sounds unbelievable Here we have all the materials.
«Reverse perspective» is a concept in which the observer is not a human being, but God. The vanishing point is not far away, but right in us. We are an object of observation.

The system looks like this:
«God / creation / man».

This model of the world is best seen in an Orthodox icon. Russians believe that the icon is a metaphorical window from spiritual reality to material reality. The Creator looks at a person through icons. Therefore, the world is perceived precisely in the theocentric concept in Russian culture.

On the icon, objects increase in size as they move away, and do not decrease, as in linear perspective. The Saints look a bit «strange»: oblong hands, unusual faces and body shapes. The icon painters depicted the world that way not because they were illiterate and did not know how to show reality, but it was a conscious, conceptual way of representing a theocentric model of being.
If you put God first, everything else falls into their proper place.

Russian cartoons can be seen as an introduction to moral philosophy, in which children learn the concepts of good and evil for the first time, which is why many cartoons were drawn using reverse perspective.
Thus, Russian cartoons not only entertained kids, but also played a large role in shaping the initial understanding of spiritual laws.
How does it work?
Russia had been developing in reverse perspective, which is why the era of Holy Russia arose.

In that perspective, the world was perceived as a training base for eternal life, Russians found the meaning of life not in earthly life. During this golden period of history, our people practiced asceticism and hesychasm, forming a unique method of spiritual improvement. This inner concentration made a person take high responsibility for his thoughts. Man directed his forces not towards material well-being, but towards achieving holiness.

The result of such strong spiritual work was not only the appearance of great saints, but also the creation of unmatched works in the visual arts, architecture, music and literature.
Why do we need spiritually strong young people in culture?
Education and support of spiritually strong individuals allow the country to resist the threats of the new age and contribute to the development of culture as an important element of the social structure.

Investments in such people and their projects can lead to the creation of high-quality cultural products that will spiritually enrich the life of society.

In turn, this will support social unity and strengthen the bond between the people and the state.
Environmental and social problems are actually problems of a spiritual nature, and their core is not the state of the environment, but the human condition.
Alexey Osipov
How can this concept be applied today?
«Reverse» means a return. A return to the perception of the world through the Creator. But this is not a backward movement, but an upward movement towards God. We propose to create a new modern culture with a theocentric core, using all the achievements of today.

This is the same modern world, but from a different angle. Do and create, but with the awareness that God is watching you.

A unique moral tuning fork will work in your heart and inform you that your creativity is good. Have courage, it's always easier to make «dark» art. There are many passions in it, and it will always be attractive. And working in "reverse perspective" is a way against the flow, against the fall. The path to true beauty is the only thing that matters.

We do not propose to produce insipid art devoid of humanity. Art is meaningful only when a person and the characters of the work, together overcome difficulties and experience internal struggle. The most important thing is that your works should help people grow spiritually and enrich their inner world. The battle with passions can be no less interesting and exciting than falling into them.
Reverse perspective is a principle. It can be used in any creative work, from narratives to physical objects.
Профессор - Вячеслав Медушевский
"Обратная перспектива в жизни, культуре, музыке"
Кирилл Копейкин
"Квантовый лик мира" -
Павел Флоренский
"Обратная Перспектива"
О. В. Орлова
"Специфика восприятия мира в различных культурах"
«Святость» в эстетических воззрениях - Николая Бердяева
Русские святые как идеальные типы национального характера - В. Инютин
Our concept can be applied to all generations, social groups and art styles.
The core is 6/25 year old people.
But we will start with the most atomic and mobile part of society – creative youth. They are the brightest and most ebullient minds that acutely feel imperfections of modernity.

They will rebel for the sake of keeping the light in themselves. Creative youth need an application point of their passionarity, and «Reverse Perspective» suggests that they find this point of convergence in themselves and work on themselves in the best traditions of Russian asceticism and hesychasm.

At the beginning, we will offer to participate in the international competition – "Reverse Perspective".
The competition includes nominations for painting, graphic design, motion design, short films, 3D modeling, music and literature.
For the participants – this is an opportunity to share their words and become a pioneer in a new cultural wave.
For Russia – this is an opportunity to see young and talented authors in time.
For other countries – this is an opportunity to look at the world from a new perspective, which will help other nations understand Russia and themselves better.

Competition Rules
Creators from all over the world are invited to make a conceptual work of art based on the principle of reverse perspective.

President Vladimir Putin managed to turn a train around. It was rushing on linear direct perspective into the abyss.
He declared theocentrism to be the main strategy for Russia's development.

The whole world views Russia as the only stronghold of spiritual values and an alternative to the globalist agenda. Humanity is waiting for a new cultural statement from Russia.

Reverse perspective is intended to become an alternative to modern mass culture and a new wave in art.

«Every moral victory in the soul of one person is a great triumph for the entire human world».

Ivan Vasilyevich Kireevsky

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